Exenia Revo Small

LED Projectors for Track 48

LED Projectors for Track 48, Track 48 evo, Track 48 tube and Track 48 twin are equipped with COB high density LED sources, high colour rendering and brand-new PMMA Cross-Dark optical units for the highest visual comfort and beam uniformity.

Spot 48 Revo is available in two diameters and two powers guaranteeing beam homogeneity and beam definition at museum quality level. Characterised by UGR factors always below 10, Spot 48 Revo with its several accessories has perfect light quality and total control on project outcomes.

Completely manufactured in Italy, by numerical control machining, it has a full aluminium body, powder painted with scratch resistant coatings. Its body provides a perfect heat dissipation to conform to the L80B10 at 100.000 hours curve. With the Mini version at 80.000 hours curve.

Technical Info


Available in 4W and 8,6 W, in 2700 K, 3000 K and 4000 K on CRI 95 and 87, respectively with R9 MIN.50 and MIN.80. A light flux maintenance on the L80B10 curve of 100.000 hours is guaranteed for the Mini version and of 80.000 hours for the Small version.

Cross-Dark optics

The range of optics offers PPMA lenses for all the versions. All with “dark” characteristics. Their peculiar design permits UGR values always below 10. The Optics are declined in three beam gradations: narrow 13°, spot 20° and medium 30°.

The luminaire housing

Its minimalist and clean design allows an easy and intuitive accessory replacement. Powder painted in various colours, it has the support arm and the lens-holder ring always in anti-reflective matt black.

Electrical connection

Low voltage 48V lighting fixture. Equipped with black or white track adapter ON/OFF, DALI and Casambi.

Built to last

The new Cross-Dark lenses protect the LED source from dust and shocks. Spot48 Revo has optical vane with degree of protection IP40. Lumen maintenance guaranteed at 100.000 hours for mini version and 80.000 hours for Small version, on the L80B10 curve.


Available in black or white or in the matt, all texturized, colours: mud brown, concrete grey, gold, copper. Combined with black or white adapter, they are coupled with always black arm and black antiglare ring.

If you're interested in learning more, or have an active or upcoming project you think this is well suited for? Contact a member of the Lighting Design team.