Sir Robert Ogden



North Yorkshire


Geoffrey Robinson


Friarage Hospital


Hacel / Thorn / CP Electronics

Park worked with Geoffrey Robinson to provide a lighting design for the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre which was suitable for each department.

Providing both aesthetic and optimal lighting for the project was key. Along with the lighting design, a cutting-edge lighting and emergency control system was installed. This saves energy with use of daylight harvesting and presence detection.

The emergency lighting has an auto-test system which instantly notifies the centre of a fault on the system, which is then rectified in a safe time frame.

In the glass fronted chemotherapy ward the daylight harvesting comes into operation to maintain the light level to ensure patients are comfortable when receiving treatment in the open plan chemotherapy bays.

In the entrance and reception area of the hospice, adjustable downlights accommodate the high sloping wood frame of the ceiling, whilst also providing a relaxing and pleasing ambiance for patients in the waiting area.

“I have a long-standing working relationship with the team at Park which spans nearly 10 years. I brought them into the project because they are reliable, innovative and always get the job done to an excellent standard.”

– Senior Project Engineer at Geoffrey Robinson Ltd

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