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The Royal Grammar School, Newcastle is the city’s oldest institution for learning & is steeped in a rich history.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve had an exciting journey alongside the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle. We’ve been working on a comprehensive overhaul of their lighting system, which had been relying on fluorescent and discharge lighting. It became clear that with the discontinuation of fluorescent lights due to new regulations, it was time for a change. The school recognised the need to modernise not only to comply with these regulations but also to maximise energy savings.

Our initial step was to create a lighting design centred around LED technology, a more
energy-efficient solution. While transitioning to LED lighting was crucial, we wanted to
take it a step further. We aimed to introduce a simple yet effective control system to align with the school’s goal of saving as much energy as possible. 

To ensure everyone was on the same page, we provided Return on Investment (ROI) calculations, which demonstrated the economic sense of this approach. This financial analysis helped build confidence in the project’s necessity.

While energy savings were a primary focus, the school also emphasised the need for
classrooms to be designed for comfortable learning and minimal disruption during
installation. This is where we had our lightbulb moment: introducing kinetic switching.
It required minimal rewiring and reduced the need for disruption throughout the

Additionally, it offered the significant advantage of not having to rely on
maintenance every time they wanted to adjust the lighting settings. The new system
we implemented is user-friendly for both teachers and students.

In essence, this project extended beyond merely upgrading the lighting. It was about
achieving energy efficiency, making the most of natural light, and ensuring that the
lighting system was part of a straightforward setup that was easy to control. It’s a
prime example of how innovative lighting design can transform a space while being
considerate of energy conservation and keeping things as uncomplicated as possible.

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