Lower Mountjoy





Imtech Engineering


Durham University


Zumtobel / Thorn / Hostwave / Concord / Fagerhult

The masterplan for Durham University identified a site at Lower Mountjoy, as the ideal location for a Centre for Teaching and Learning. It is situated close to an existing concentration of student, academic and residential facilities, including the University Library.

Outside of the academic year, the building hosts major academic conferences, so reinforcing the wider positive economic impact the University brings to the region.

The project comprised new state-of-the art teaching and learning facilities including lecture theatres, teaching rooms, education labs, student learning zones and catering facilities.

Park designed and supplied LED linear, continuous lighting throughout the building. The benefit to using linear lighting is its modern appearance as well as attractive energy savings.

Throughout the office space all lighting is LED providing energy savings and is also environmentally beneficial.

The lecture theatres were designed via lighting control settings, utilising simple connectivity to enable flexible installation, while presence detectors ensure optimum energy efficiency.

Circular pendants were supplied to the top floor of the library, again in-keeping with a modern-style look within the building.

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