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Park was appointed by Hepple Engineering to provide general and emergency lighting across four floors of the building with controls to both save energy with use of daylight harvesting and presence detection.

A building steeped in history, Gilbridge House has an impressive portico entrance and clock, which was carefully dismantled and neatly incorporated into the modern Inland Revenue offices of Gilbridge House in 1992.

The building is made up primarily of offices and training rooms with a social hub on the ground floor. The social hub is located at the back of the reception area and consists of a kitchen and lounge area for staff. The hub has a raft ceiling, so the team used a combination of downlights and pendants to suit the layout of the rafts while creating a relaxing atmosphere for staff.

Circulation areas throughout the building were used via Thorn downlights, recessed directly into the grid ceiling and emergency fittings were installed to ensure a suitable light level was achieved for staff leaving the building if the general lighting was to fail.

In the offices and training rooms it was important that energy saving controls were installed and due to high levels of incoming daylight, Dali dimmable fittings were introduced to balance out the light level along with daylight harvesting controls that ensured staff worked at a comfortable light level.

In the offices and training room Thorn 600 x 600 panels were used to maintain a suitable light level whilst minimising glare for staff using the computers.

“Park is a trusted partner of ours and we look to bring them into projects as they always deliver on-time and to the highest standard. Most of all, they always go the extra mile for the customer which really stands out.”

– Hepple Engineering

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