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End Clothing


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Park was brought in to provide the lighting and design for contemporary men’s clothing store, END, which is renowned for international, urban, sports brands and footwear. Park was referred by WG Consulting to assist END to achieve an aesthetic look within its new distribution centre that was in keeping with its brand.

The lighting design team at Park Electrical Distributors worked on the project with the team at END and various suppliers, including Thorn Lighting.

Decorative pendants which are triangular and luxurious in appearance, are visible within its reception space to create a ‘shop effect’. The team worked with the customer to provide a feel that was in-fitting with its culture – i.e the look of a retail store rather than a distribution centre.

The location features large photographic images and has a studio feel with lots of bays, each of which is dimmable in keeping with various scene settings.

Throughout the office space all lighting is LED providing energy savings and is also environmentally beneficial.

Breakout spaces are aesthetically pleasing with linear lighting. The suggestive lighting lines also cross the rooms and define spaces providing an essential and elegant design.

Stack Seaburn boasts a large open plan floor space which attracts ample daylight. A festoon solution was allocated for this project to offer a warm and welcoming ambiance in the evenings that kept in with brand aesthetics.

With a five-year guarantee, the festoon solution provides a long life with running costs, plus the lightweight construction allows for easily handling and installation.

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