Durham House



County Durham




Durham Resident


Gira / Chiara

An intelligent building control system was required for Durham House. Situated in an exclusive part of County Durham, the property blends a modern look and high end finish. Technology was very much a requirement to ensure day to day life is made easier and becomes more convenient.

The team engaged with the client and utilised third parties to offer a KNX system.

With switching, dimming and scene setting of lights, HVAC control, control of the Revox Music System and integrating the gate entry, the discreet technology used met the client’s high demands.

The Gira KNX offering was adopted due to the design of the range matching the client’s expectations. Using the Gira G1, KNX pushbutton 3, X1, PIRs as well as general wiring accessories, meant the design flowed through the properties matching the same concept.

The end result gave the client an easy-to-use, yet flexible system, that also saves energy. Bringing in the music system gave an added convenience so that when they vacated the property, one button would switch off any zones of music playing as well as the lighting and setting the heating into ‘away mode’.


The Gira X1 app is one of the most cost-effective products for intelligent building technology whilst also offering greater convenience and security due to intelligent networking.

The app has the functionality to be able to easily add on functions and the user can control it on the go. A quick installation with minimal effort required in its start-up and configuration, makes it the perfect kit to present your ‘smart home’.

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