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Hacel / Iguzinni / Dextra

In 2020, Park lighting design were approached by SES, to work with them on the Leeds Beckett university sports facility, and of course we jumped at the chance.

The first thing we were informed of was the architect had a concept, and it was vital to carry this vision throughout all aspects of the project, including lighting.

The structure of the building has been designed in an angular fashion, so this instantly drove us down the route of linear luminaires. Working with Hacel, we created continuous lines of light in considerable lengths and all to a high specification to ensure no light bleeds or dark spots would occur.

The red finish was something we wanted to take into consideration – this had to be as vibrant as possible, if the wrong colour temperature or low CRI was selected this wouldn’t be the case. We continued the design based on a CRI of 85+ across the whole project, and colour temperature was selected based on the areas use.

Functionality wasn’t everything though, being aesthetically pleasing was equally as important, which encouraged us to include features such as replicating the running track pattern within the luminaire layout.

As the building is broken down into a variety of spaces, our design needed to be treated the same. The Cafe had to be welcoming, with a good uniformity so students could come and work here if they wished.

Then we had areas such as the running track — as Leeds Beckett University is very much for elite athletes, the lighting had to take into account that TV cameras were to be used and also filming for the athletes to see where they can improve — no flicker was essential.

Using Hacel and Dextra we were confident that this would be the case, however both manufacturers had all of the relevant flicker testing to back this up.

Park lighting design and SES often work in partnership on projects as SES have come to understand that Park make projects easy.

On this particular project for example, the university has their own specification to follow for their control system – Park lighting design ensured that ALL luminaires were supplied with modular wiring for that seamlessly easy install that we all desire.

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