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Teesside University


Whitecroft / Thorlux

Park Lighting Design were approached by SES to assist them with a student accommodation back in 2019. The general brief, to be met, was rather straight forward. The lighting had to be effective, efficient and subtle with a long life span – no problem!

Teeside University, are a university that we had previously worked on, so we knew the general requirements that they would be looking for, on the Cornell building – one of these being the lighting had to be compatible with the emergency smart scan by Thorlux. Throughout the project we used a mixture of Thorlux, Whitecroft and Fagerhult for the interior and Collingwood on the exterior. All manufacturers trusted to live up to the requirements of the specification.

More often than not on educational buildings the timeline is essential, delivery times are key and then once the students are back from holidays, it creates a real issue for access if anything goes wrong. This is something we aim to avoid on all projects, but using reliable companies such as these helps ensure things run as smooth as possible.

We covered all areas of the renovation from bedrooms, living areas, break out spaces and front of house – all with the same feel throughout to keep continuity.

The aim for the bedrooms was to have as few install points as possible, so we went with a surface mounted unit with an opal diffuser – this made sure that the unit was bright enough to reach the Lux levels, not too much glare for the students, and only one install point – a success all round.

The general interiors of the project are bright and vibrant, so a high CRI was essential, so we could really bring the colours to life, within each room.

Another successful project between Park Lighting Design and SES

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