Buchanan Wharf



Glasgow, Scotland


Graham Construction & Stothers ME


Buchanan Wharf


Zumtobel & Thorn


New build office block for renting out, focusing on core areas.


Adhering to budget constraints while maintaining the desired lighting aesthetic was the primary challenge. The original choice of Zumtobel slot lights exceeded the budget, leading to a strategic adjustment while retaining the Zumtobel brand.

Aesthetic Considerations

A black finish was selected to stand out, creating linear lines in the old soffit ceiling. The industrial look with exposed services added to the visual appeal.

Benefits Achieved:

  • Minimal Glare: The Mirel’s low-glare design ensured a comfortable workspace.
  • Cost Efficiency: The change in product allowed for budget optimisation without compromising quality.

Project Management Challenges:

  • Design Complexity: Working with the right layout with precise distances between fittings while maintaining appropriate lighting levels posed a design challenge, whilst accommodating the exposed services.
  • Phased Delivery: The requirement for floor-by-floor completion and commissioning amidst ongoing construction demanded meticulous project management.
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