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Lighting Design Services

Park Lighting Design offers a comprehensive range of lighting design services that cater to all types of projects. With a strong focus on lighting aesthetics and design principles, our team of experienced designers create lighting solutions that not only illuminate spaces but also enhance their overall ambience. 

From selecting the right fixtures to optimising energy efficiency, our team’s attention to detail ensures that each project is illuminated with precision and elegance specifically for your project.

Lighting Controls

In addition to our comprehensive range of lighting design services, Park Lighting Design also specialises in cutting-edge lighting controls. Our in-house team understands that effective control systems are essential for maximising the impact and energy efficiency of any lighting design. Whatever the project, we integrate advanced control technologies seamlessly into our lighting solutions. 

From smart lighting systems that adapt to natural light conditions to intuitive user interfaces for easy customisation, speak with our team to achieve excellence on your next project.

3D Lighting Design

At Park Lighting Design, we recognise the importance of merging both precision and visual aesthetics in our lighting solutions. With the integration of Park3D, our meticulous approach guarantees that calculations for Lux levels, uniformity, glare control, and other crucial factors are as precise as if we were physically measuring Lux levels in the completed space, whilst providing your client with visual peace of mind for the scheme being proposed. 

To achieve this level of accuracy, our 3D designs are seamlessly integrated into Revit and tailored to the unique requirements of each project.

Lighting Design Projects

Park Lighting Design possesses the expertise to provide tailored lighting solutions for a diverse range of projects. Our extensive capabilities encompass various sectors, ensuring that we can assist with projects of all types and sizes. 

Whether you’re embarking on a residential endeavour, a commercial development, or an outdoor space transformation, we have you covered.

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