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Why control is so important.

Having years of experience in lighting controls, the Park lighting design team offers a complete lighting and controls solution.

With contractors, consultants, and end users, we tailor the perfect “one-stop shop” solution. Thanks to a wide range of manufacturers at our fingertips, including KNX, CP Electronics, Casambi, Exor, Eaton, Helvar, Osram EQ, and Zumtobel group, we ensure the specifications for both lighting and controls are 100% working together.

Integrating controls promotes flexibility, and cost savings along with helping maintenance, making building management the most efficient it’s ever been.

Save energy & money

By controlling spaces better, we can reduce energy usage whilst also saving you money.

Create comfort in spaces

Create more comfortable spaces by controlling amenities like lighting and heating.


Our systems can allow changes to be made in the future should a space change use in the future.

Combine Functionality

Why only control lighting when we have systems that combine control to make a building truly intelligent.

Total Control

Every design has its own set of requirements, and is often spec-driven, but not always. Different levels of design give customers the assurance that their needs will be met without overcomplicating the process. Often, controls are seen as a dark science in the lighting industry, but we really don’t think this should be the case.

Depending on the project, we can design single rooms, scene settings, or the entire building. Park will work with you to determine the most appropriate system.

The Right Solution

We have significant knowledge of programming available within the industry, covering simple stand-alone, Wireless protocol, Dynamic light (DMX), DALI including full DALI addressable with an emergency, as well as front-end emergency – whatever your needs may be, we are here to help find the best solution for you while taking into account factors like budget, or the contractor’s preference for installation and set up.

Our controls team can even offer commissioning to complete the project. As a result, the specifications and designs meet the client’s exact requirements, again ensuring that the building management is optimised.

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