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Lighting a church building is challenging and requires the input of specialist advice to achieve a successful scheme, to ensure a positive impact on people’s experience of your building.

How do we start the process?

Every single church project is different with their own unique requirements, and for that reason, attending site is often a necessary step before starting design. By attending site it allows us to answer some vital questions.

What focal points are there?

Alters, station of the cross, stain glass windows, anything such as this that need to be taken into consideration when creating a design. 

Are we working with Grade listed?

More often than not churches are grade listed and this will have an impact on where the luminaires can be installed. Mounting from pillars and walls can be considered the most straight forward route to take, leaving ceiling details untouched, but this means we need to consider shadowing, light output and beam angles so we can achieve the desired ambience whilst not leaving any areas dull or forgotten.

Should we use existing wiring?

Church projects can often have a small budget to play with and of course every penny counts, so if we can help use anything existing then we will. We have access to control systems that can upgrade the existing wiring without touching it. This allows us to integrate the most effective and efficient lighting scheme all without pulling apart what is already there.

What is the space being used for?

When we are considering the newer built churches, they are often designed with “multipurpose” in mind. It is important in these instances, that general lighting is considered as well as feature. If a church is to house playgroups or evening classes, they have to be able to cater for all – again controls can play a big part in this, allowing you to scene set for all eventualities.

Which manufacturers are best suited?

Once we have determined these points we can start designing. Park are lucky to have such a great range of manufacturers to work with and many of which fit the bill for these types of projects – Luminaires that are small in size, large in output with a huge array of technical variations – tight beam angles with no spillage making the perfect addition to many alcoves, or outputs so high they can comfortably light a ceiling void of 20+ meters, all whilst offering control needed and not flood any unnecessary light elsewhere.

Many of our luminaires also offer integral control gears perfect for discreet wiring, and whilst on the subject of discreet, we can offer finishes that match the decor or stone work perfectly, ensuring the luminaires blend seamlessly into their surroundings. The technicality of each luminaire is vital – The correct CRI is essential to ensure any colours are portrayed in their best light and bought to life in a way that does them justice – this isn’t always the highest number but it varies depending on what colours are being lit.

To find out more or if you’re interested in lighting design for an upcoming project. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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