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Lighting Design

The importance of detail is paramount to engineering and architecture, and we feel lighting design should be treated with the same respect, to ensure premium results. Lighting designs are often based on numbers instead of visuals. At Park 3D Design, we offer both, recognising that more detail leads to greater accuracy, which leads to better designs. This detail ensures that the calculations for Lux levels, uniformity, glare, energy consumption, and anything else you can think of will be as accurate as taking a luxometer into the room after the project is completed.

Based on the needs of each project, our lighting designs are built directly into Revit, either integrating into an existing model or creating a completely new one.

3D Rendering

The lighting is an integral part of every single project, whether it’s about the overall lit effect or the actual luminaire aesthetics. For everyone on the design team to understand, and to be able to communicate, what the end result will be, 3D rendering is the easiest and most concise method.

At Park3D, we allow you to live your design before it has been built. By the end of the presentation, there will be no doubt in your mind as to what you are receiving, regardless of whether you choose video, stills, panoramas, or VR. Additionally, not only does this eliminate any grey areas for the design, but it also allows you to save on costly revisions, as you can immediately see what is being specified..

Autodesk Revit

Light designs have been available in AutoCAD for many years, but we see REVIT as the future of the lighting industry. Park3D allows a seamless integration into your workflow since it is built on the Revit platform.

Park3D projects are BIM-ready. We realise the importance of integrating design into the process. We believe that once a project is complete, it should work seamlessly together, and this applies to the design phase as well. Detailing each design accurately ensures we deliver exactly what we promise on each project. We provide detailed ceiling plans, sections, elevations, and 3D box sections for every design. 

There are a variety of ways we can get this information in the first place, including a point cloud survey. For existing builds ready for redevelopment, we can offer a 3D building scan design via a point cloud survey. We can then scan multiple points on the building, visualise, analyse and manipulate them.

With Point cloud surveys, all parties have a clear understanding of what the project entails and how best to approach it. In the long run, this will save money and time, as well as minimise the chances of any potential problems arising once the project begins.

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